2016 Demo

by Worst Behavior

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released July 3, 2016

Vocals: Mando
Guitar: Danny
Bass: Cris
Drums: Brian

recorded by:
John Morales
at Diflar floral store
in Pharr, TX on 7/2/16



all rights reserved


Worst Behavior Mc Allen, Texas

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Track Name: Empty Space
Empty space is all you are
hollow words and empty hearts

You walk on the line of the web you spun
and dance on the graves you've dug

Empty words and hollow hearts
Empty hearts bridges burned
Track Name: Curses
Bury me deep were the waters don't reach.
Even though I'm dead Ill still curse your head.
Casting my curses from the grave
end your life or suffer in pain.
End you life with the blade
End your life die with shame

Cast my curses to end your life
Don't look back its time to die
By my hand or yours its fine
Cast my curses time to die
Die in pain
Track Name: Necio
Blinded by haze wild mental craze
Innocent replaced with demon rays.
Cross me and see what you'll be nothing
but a fucked memory

Lost in the haze
Comforting craze
Lost in haze

Lost in the haze
Another sleepless day
Comforting craze
Forever lost in haze
Track Name: Banished from Death
Banished from death forevermore
To walk alone an empty soul
I'm nothing I walk forever I roam
Denied the grace to rest at home

Banished from death

Denied the grace that's set me free

Track Name: Isolation
Craving normality
complicated gathering
craving normality
Complicated gathering

Being on your own is such a burden
on your soul introverted life that takes
all control
Broken name
family disgraced isolation
awkward confrontation

Craving normality
complicated Gathering
craving normality
Complicated gathering

A broken name
A family disgraced
Broken name
Stained with shame
Deflect the blame
Just turn away
I hope I die alone
I hope no one comes
Track Name: Ready to Fight feat. John Morales (cover)
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